Some things to know:

  • I design and code all my sites.
  • The absolute minimum your website will cost is $1250.
  • All my websites are WordPress, and I don’t work on anything else.
  • I don’t do SEO, but I can refer you.
  • I don’t do ongoing content updates to your site, like blog posting. I will teach you how to do that.
  • If you really want to hire me to update your site, we will need to set up either a retainer or an automated monthly credit card or PayPal charge. No exceptions.
  • My most important consideration is making website as simple and easy to use as possible.
  • What does “Postmodern Sublime” mean?

According to Emmanuel Kant, when we see something aesthetically “sublime,” it strikes the mind in such a way that we find ourselves unable to take it in as a whole. We experience a clash between our reason (which tells us that all objects are finite) and our imagination (which sees an infinite object incalculably larger than ourselves). In the ‘dynamically’ sublime, the mind recoils at an object so immeasurably more powerful than we, whose weight, force, scale could crush us without the remotest hope of our being able to resist it. This is the internet.

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